What makes Ram Gopal Varma to Pray?

RGV praying to God
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He says that he doesn’t believe in God, doesn’t believe in Karma, and doesn’t believe in any supernatural power that has a connection with God. What all he says that I believe only myself not even the destiny. Well that a good part of him, but he also call those who believe in God as moron’s, he addresses them as stupid’s who don’t have faith in themselves.

Now the very same person started praying for God. The time and mind of his might have not supported him this time, as he put his hands together to pray to God.

Ram Gopal Varma, was seen in praying to God. What could be the reasons? We made a guess on his urging of Lord Vinayaka.

Reason 1:
He may be asking God to give creative thoughts. Because nowadays RGV has been directing films that are turning out to be flops. He may ask God for good, creative thoughts by so he can make films that will be appreciated by the audience, by so he can regain his lost charisma.

Reason 2:
Well, he could be praying God for his routine-Publicity. He may have thought that if he pray to God, he will once make headlines, by so he and the God will not be forgotten by people.

Reason 3:
Another reason might be that last year he took his social networking site Twitter and started criticizing Lord Ganesha over his appearance, food habits, etc. He may have realized that his movies have becoming flops at the box-office since then. So he might have apologized this time for criticizing Ganesha.

We think that he might not have prayed for his family, as RGV isn’t a family man.

Ram Gopal Varma’s Tweets about lord Ganesha.

RGV Tweets
RGV Tweets



What do you think folks? that finally RGV has got over god.

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