All is well for Kajol and Rani!

Kajol and Rani Mukherjee

The B-Town cousins, Rani and Kajol, who were known for not looking each other eye-to-eye, were recently spotted bonding at an event. Yes! That’s right!

The spat between two has been talk of the tinselville, for quite some time. It made news when Kajol was not invited to Yash Chopra’s Diva show nor was she a part of Rani and Aditya’s close-knit wedding affair. And there have been other instances too, where things were completely visible that all was not well between Rani and Kajol.

The two beauties, who have had a fallout due to reasons unknown, were seen talking to each other at a recent event. They bumped into each other and they had a fairly friendly exchange, which was quite unusual. The two sisters have maintained a line of distance from each other, since like, forever now, but that certainly changed at the said social event.

After Salman-Shah Rukh’s dostana, Kajol and Rani have set things right too! Bollywood’s rekindled friendships’ news are like breath of fresh air we certainly love!

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