Weird poster of Thanu Monney Vellipoyindi

If there is one topic that is making rounds in the film circuit these days, that is Director Vamsi’s next film, Thanu Monney Vellipoyindi – the poster of the film has actress Nikita Narayan covered in shades and face covered in a bridal ensemble with the lead in the back, lying on the ground. Vamsi is known for portraying his heroines in rather a different way, earlier seen in movies like Ladies Tailor and Gopi Gopika Godavari. Ajmal plays the male lead in Thanu Monney Vellipoyindi and the film, like the rest of Vamsi’s other films, has a unique script. Hopefully, the weird poster tactic should help gain some media attention and public curiosity to have a good opening.

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