We will kill those bastards!

The innocent smiles, the cute face with happy expressions of naga vaishnavi on the TV screens are boiling the blood of viewers all across the state. The immense wave of response generated from the people in all the regions, either Telangana or Andhra or Rayalaseema, at least proves a point that…still we are human beings and there is a word ‘Humanity’ alive in our society.

Media clippings showing the response of people towards this brutal murder is amazing that few are ejecting their feelings even in the form of filthy language. ‘L—- Kodukalani narikeyandi,’ ‘maaku vadileyandi, aada vaallamu meme aa vedhavalani champesthaamu,’ ‘ilaanti manushulu koodaa untaaraa?,’ ‘varasgaaa nilucho petti pittalani kaalchinattu kaalchi paareyyaali’…the response goes on unabated.

Relatives of naga vaishnavi have staged a ‘Raastha Roko’ in Vijayawada against the incapable police. Various Political wings in Vijayawada have given the call for ‘Bezawada Bandh’ for tomorrow.

Keeping aside either Police department failure or some other departments over enthusiasm, but the death of naga vaishnavi is an irremovable scar on the fabric of our humanity and mankind.[TNT]

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