We kept quite because…Jeevitha

Answering to a media question about why the Dr. Rajashekar couple keep quite before, and why they are now chasing behind Chiranjeevi , Ms.Jeevitha replied that, ‘We are forced to keep quite because Chiaranjeevi’s influence on the film industry. He is a dominant figure in the film industry. He and his family members are holding the strings of the Tollywood industry, in their hands.

There, no one can go against their will, and no one in the industry dares to speak against them, fearing to loose their position in the film industry. We are also one among those many people who are silently suffering from the dominant influence of the Mega brothers and their relatives. Virtually they are ruling the film industry.

But, now this is not Tollywood to bear with him and his relatives any more. We have our own voice here, and can express our feelings and opinions about them freely.

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