Why You Should Watch Rang Rasiya Movie. Here Top 5 Reasons to Watch Rang Rasiya

The 19th Century Artist who brought acclaim to India and gave Indian art a new definition, the story of Raja Ravi Varma is enthralling. The Ketan Mehta offering is a cinematic experience one should not miss. Looking for a reason to watch the film? We give you five!

Rang Rasiya movie gets good reviews from all the corners and here are five reasons which make watching Rang Rasiya a must watch affair!

1.Randeep-Nandana’s sizzling chemistry

Hot Kiss Scene in Rang Rasiya

The blooming love between Ravi Varma and Sugandha has been efficaciously portrayed on screen by Randeep and Nandana. They have given sensuality a new avatar and the steaming romance between them is shown very beautifully.

2.A Great story to tell:

Rang Rasiya Story

The story of Raja Ravi Varma, is in itself a reason to watch the film. It is quite interesting to know the man who gave our Gods and Goddesses refreshed angles and faces. He was one of the first pioneers to print his paintings and making prints of Indian Deities and selling them. He made nudity look surreal and unabashed. All in all, that man was an artist, entrepreneur, fashion designer and much more.


Rang Rasiya Movie

The script is written too well and the dialogues form the backbone of the film. There are some really power-packed dialogues and they become essence to the film.

4.Brilliant Performances:

Randeep Hooda Rang Rasiya

The film has some exceptional performances to offer and you will witness a great cinematic bliss. Randeep Hooda, Nandana Sen, Paresh Rawal and others have some really great acting skills on the platter for you.

5.The beginning of Cinema in India:

Rang Rasiya Hot Photos

The usage of Cinematograph and the first film is shown. It presents on screen the very first reaction of Indians while they witnessed motion pictures very aptly. The film even shows how Dada Shahab Phalke started his cinematic journey.

Review: Rang Rasiya Movie Review

In addition to all this, watch the film to witness the tale of an unsung hero of our nation. Seldom comes such grandeur on screen and missing such fantastic film would be sheer loss. Hence, watch Rang Rasiya and let the colors of passion paint the silver screen.

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