Watch Mr. Fraud Official Full Trailer!

Finally, after a lot of buzz surrounding the plot and the controversy surrounding the release of the film, B. Unnikrishnan’s Mr. Fraud starring Mohanlal, is set to be released on May 16 and has officially come out with its first full length trailer!


The teasers gave us glimpses in to Lal’s many looks in the movie but not much more. Now, the suspense has been lifted a little with a sneak peek in to the storyline.

The trailer again shows the universal star’s many faces and getups but it also hints at a ‘mission’ which has to be completed. The dialogue also has a rather intriguing ring with Lal’s character speaking of ‘some things in the world you have to see from a distance, some up close and some you should never see’. The narrative in the beginning also introduces Lalettan as a man with many names, many faces.

So, a man of mystery on a tough mission that requires creative and deceptive methods. Builds up the anticipation, yes?

The movie has two main taglines, which coupled with this trailer, now points to the rumour that it’s a thrilling, cerebral heist movie being true. The taglines in the posters and the teasers of course, are: “One man, many faces” and “Deception is an art.”

Mia George and Pallavi Chandran, take on the lead female roles in the movie while actors like Siddique and Dev Gill (rumoured to be the baddie) form the rest of the supporting cast.

An excited and thrilled Pallavi, whose second movie this is, commented on Lal’s new salt n pepper look in the flick being ‘hot’. More things to look forward to when it hits the big screens on the 16th then…

The motion picture is being produced by A V Anoop under the banner of his own company AVA Productions.

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