Warning to Venkatesh From Doctors

Venkatesh, whose latest film ‘Babu Bangaram’ is slated for release on August 12, is busy giving an interview to media houses.

He has already confirmed that his next film will be the Telugu remake of Madhavan’s boxing drama ‘Saala Khadoos’. Venky will be seen as a tough boxing coach in this film. To get into the skin of the character, Venky has decided to build muscular body just like Madhavan’s in the original.

Warning to Venkatesh
Warning to Venkatesh

Venkatesh, who has started working out in a gym, has received a stern warning from his doctors. The team of doctors is said to have advised Venkatesh not to indulge in heavy workouts at this age. A cautious Venky is in a dilemma now of whether to continue workouts to build body or obey the healthy advice of his doctors?

He has signed another film with Kishore Tirumala titled ‘Aadallu Meeku Joharlu’.

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