Warning to Mega Fans

The association of mega fans, which has been the biggest and strongest in the Telugu film industry, seems to be getting weaker of late with internal wars.

Mega Heroes War on Social Media
Mega Heroes War on Social Media

After the cold war between Pawan fans and Allu Arjun, now another social media war has started between Sai Dharam Tej and Allu Arjun fans. Anti-fans might enjoy this but the hardcore mega fans feel that these kinds of internal wars will only make antis stronger.

A senior and true mega fan opined that all the mega heroes and mega fans must be united at this tough time as few unidentified forces are working in collaboration to divide and rule mega fans just like British first divided and then ruled Indians. He also requested the senior mega heroes to take this issue seriously and sort the differences out even if they have to summon the young mega heroes and presidents of mega fans associations.

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