Warning to Pawan Kalyan!

Osmania College JAC is now following Pawan Kalyan quite keenly. As per the latest updates, OU – JAC gave warning to Pawan Kalyan regarding Medhak by-elections. It is known that Pawan Kalyan is supporting Jagga Reddy. There is a buzz in the media that Pawan even helped Jagga Reddy in migrating from Congress to BJP.


In this scenario, OU JAC stated that if Pawan Kalyan enters Medhak by-elections, they will throw stones on his meetings. They stated that their entire support is for TRS candidate and they finalized that Pawan Kalyan shouldn’t campaign for Jagga Reddy in that region. Generally, Pawan Kalyan takes warnings as challenges and “How he will react on this?” turned out to be the main question.

Looks like, TRS has more advantage over the rival parties in Medhak due to the OU JAC support. TRS party may even use the latest survey as a point to fire back on Pawan Kalyan. It is a noted point that Pawan Kalyan skipped T-Survey few days back. TRS may further use this point to fire on Jagga Reddy and Pawan Kalyan.

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