Wajah Tum Ho Review – Unimaginative Thriller

Rating: 1.5/5

Critic Rating: (1.5/5)

The director of Hate Story series is ready with another thriller with a good dose of eroticism. This time it stars Sana Khan in probably her biggest role so far. Also Vishal Pandya repeats Sharman Joshi this time. It also stars Ramayan fame Gurmeet Choudhary and 1920 fame Rajneesh Duggal. For such erotic thriller, it’s vital to keep the viewer glued and keep intriguing. Hate Story 3 was not upto the mark. Lets see if Wajah Tum Ho cracks that.

A still from Wajah Tum Ho
A still from Wajah Tum Ho

The movie begins with a channel showing a live stream of murder of a police officer. The culprit is masked and the live streaming shocks everyone. The investigation then begins. Sharman Joshi plays the investigation officer and into some serious tehkikaat. Sana Khan plays the company legal head. Gurmeet is her darling cum advocate. It will be found that the channel network has been actually hacked into after picking up some clichéd clues. Rajneesh Duggal plays an influential media head and he is interrogated too. The rest of the film is about cracking down the culprit and the masterminds behind the whole crime and the motive.

The first of the film tries to portray its take on media houses which is so superficial and commonplace. On other hand, it also tries its hand at explaining the hacking and internet fundas in a ridiculous way. The film tries to sell its USP by showing the live stream, but that’s the only unique part they have thought of. The rest of treatment of the story is so artificial. The first is only slightly engaging. Then the second half unfolds with nothing interesting and continues the disappointment.

All the actors performances were mediocre and the characterizations banal. The most irritating and hackneyed was that of Sharman Joshis. One can only pity him for the roles he has been doing these days. Sana Khan had zero screen presence to say the least. A role that is purely presumptuous. The other two male actors too didn’t have an impact.

A very disappointing factor of the film more than anything is the ruthless molestation of some golden songs. Pal pal dil ke paas and Aise na mujhe tum dekho were royally runined and so is Maahi Ve of Kaante which stars Zarine Khan is a “special” song. By the way, the movie also has Sherlyn Chopra. Looks like Mr.Pandya’s idea of hitting the bulls eye is to bring on board as much oomph as possible.

All in all, Wajah Tum Ho fails to engage at different levels. But if you are the one who gets satisfied with movies that are only as deep as Hate Stories then Wajah Tum Ho might be for you.

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