Waiter in a hotel Threatened Madhuri Dixit

Madhuri Dixit Threatened

Madhuri Dixit, who is known to be a top actress in Bollywood, got threatened messages from an unknown person. It seems that this person came up with a version like he is a member of the Underworld Don gang. He further mentioned that he is quite close to Chota Rajan gang.

This unknown person is stated to have said that he will kidnap the kids of Madhuri Deekshit if she fails to do what he says. Madhuri consulted Police department for help and they traced out the person behind the scene.

Police officials finally came to a conclusion that the unknown person is a waiter in a hotel in Mumbai. It seems that he just tried to blackmail and get some money from this actress. With the help of Police department, Madhuri kept herself in safe condition. The culprit was taken into custody and his cell phone was seized by the Police department.

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