Vivek’s birthday message revealed

Vivek Oberoi turned a year older today (September 3), and here’s what he wanted to share on his special day. Vivek posted on his Twitter page:

"Thank u all for the amazing birthday wishes!!! This birthday is super special for me…and I am celebrating it with all of u…all of u who have loved me, prayed for me, inspired me. For me, birthdays are all about celebrating life and love, celebrating with people u care about. Whilst the focus is on you, it’s really about commemorating all the years of your life up until now with the people who have played a part in making you who you are and optimistically looking forward to what’s in store the year to come!

It’s so special how birthdays mean something different at each age. As kids, we’d look forward to the day that means we turn a year older, get a yummy cake, party and of course presents!!! As teens it’s a year closer to independence. A little older than that and we wonder why we can’t turn back time ;), mid-life we go into denial as if birthdays never existed and in old age birthdays are celebrated again as a celebration of life :)

I celebrate this birthday with my amazing fans, friends and family….who have played a special part in making me everything that I am….and my beautiful spirit Priyanka…my wife to be…who will help make me everything I can be…

Your love and prayers are my greatest and most valued gift…thank u from my happy heart :)"

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