Vivek gets kissing tonsils

The serial kisser of Prince is finally paying the price for his overactive mouth.

His throat, possibly exhausted from all the action, is sending out alarm signals as he has developed a strong case of ‘kissing tonsils’. That means that his tonsils are swollen and are overlapping. Tonsils, er, touching each other should not be encouraged, according to the doctors.

Vivek has been running around for the promotion of his next release, Prince. The actor has back-to-back interviews and is having a tough time talking. A source close to the actor reveals, “Vivek was experiencing some pain in his throat since Wednesday, but didn’t pay much attention to it. His condition grew worse on Thursday. Apart from the pain, the tonsils are swollen, and he developed high temperature.”

The source continues, “Luckily, he had not committed to anyone for interviews today. He just had one meeting which got pushed. The actor has been sleeping all day long. He has fever, and the doctor who visited him at home, has asked him to take strict bed rest.”

“Today (Friday) Vivek will be performing at a stage show. Although he is unwell, but he is doing it since he has committed to them,” adds the source.

Vivek’s official spokesperson confirms the news and says, “Vivek is currently sleeping and can’t talk much because of the pain.”

What are Kissing Tonsils?
It is unusual for tonsils to touch or meet in the midline without protrusion of the tongue. When tonsils meet in the midline or overlap, they are called “kissing tonsils”.

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