Vishal’s Punch to Radhika

Tamil actor Vishal has given a strong and sensible reply to veteran actress Radhika after her comments regarding ‘Condom’ dialogue in the trailer of his upcoming film ‘Kathakali’.

Radhika and Vishal
Radhika and Vishal

In the trailer, Vishal was seen asking heroine Catherine Theresa to bring ‘Condom’. Actress Radhika harshly responded to this and lashed out at the dialogue.

Vishal gave a fitting reply by saying that Condom is not an offensive word and if at all it was objectionable, the censor board would not have approved it. We know the disputes happened between Vishal and the group of Radhika and her husband, Sharat Kumar during the Nadigar Sangam elections. Hence, she targeted him without using her common sense.

‘Kathakali’ will hit theatres on 14th January in Telugu and Tamil simultaneously.

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