Vishal vs Sarath Kumar Fight Continues

Sarat Kumar vs Vishal
Sarat Kumar vs Vishal

President of South Indian Film Artistes’ Association, i.e., the SIAA or Nadigar Sangam, Sarath Kumar has recently announced that the elections for the communion will be held in July 2015. However, Actor Vishal has some issues about the date of these elections. Why?

Actor Vishal, although not officially announced, has been planning to contest the elections for this prestigious Tamil association for the post of president. Vishal has partaken keen interest in this group for quite a few years and has actively protested against the establishment of a multiplex on a certain land.

There has been quite the tiff between Sarath Kumar and Vishal. Vishal claims that Sarath hasn’t responded or clearly explained the process of the decision of the multiplex while Sarath says that everything has been explained time and again. However, Vishal has now gone to the court to extend the dates for elections due to these unresolved issues.

Sometimes, actors need to be more than just actors!

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