Vishal Reacts On Sri Reddy-Nani’s Issue

Hero Vishal who has got a decent following among both Telugu and Tamil audience. The latest happenings in the Telugu film industry has been catching the attention of the neighbors and here is the result.

Vishal on Nani and Sri reddy issue
Vishal on Nani and Sri reddy issue

Vishal who is one of the important members of Nadigar Sangam in Tamil has reacted on Sri Reddy’s claims on Nani. Sri Reddy has been dragging known, unknown people into murky issues without a proper base. She has been appearing on Facebook and other social mediums, her latest eyes are on Natural star Nani and the actor has refuted those claims with a legal notice. Nani’s wife Anjana also came in the support of Nani. Vishal has issued a note regarding the same.

“I have no personal reasons to support Nani. But, Sri Reddy seems to be very random and is going on with baseless claims against other actors. I may be the next too. It has already become for us all to fight with sexual abuses and related things. Such claims just make the existing laws weak”, Vishal said.

Vishal Krishna concluded that if Sri Reddy can name Telugu superstar Nani, she can name anyone next.

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