Vishal Lodged Complaint against Lingusamy

A day after announcing that the sequel of ‘Pandem Kodi’ has been shelved, hero Vishal has now filed a complaint against film’s director Lingusamy seeking compensation of the financial loss he incurred after the pre-production process went on for few months.

Vishal Case on Lingusamy
Vishal Case on Lingusamy

Vishal claims he waited for 14 months for the sequel of ‘Sanda Kozhi’ and as the project has been delaying, he signed other films and even released them. Vishal came to know about Lingusamy’s decision to shelve the project just 15 days back and he alleged that Lingusamy didn’t even have the courtesy to inform him when he decided to shelve their project.

Vishal claimed that since he was the producer, he spent some amount on the pre-production process, and he seeks compensation from Lingusamy now.

Lingusamy has refused to comment on this controversy and said that he is working on a script for Allu Arjun.

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