Virodhi Review

Rating: 1.50/5

Critic Rating: (1.50/5)

It is
What happens when makers fancy subjects they are unaware of.

Jaidev (Srikanth) is a journalist with a soul (that’s the intension though it is terribly portrayed) and has an interview planned for the day with a corrupt MP against whom he had been fighting with his articles. However, the day has other plans for him when a group of naxalites crash through the front gate to kidnap the minister. Things don’t go according to plan for the naxals and they end up killing the MP and kidnapping the journalist.

Gogi (Ajay) is the leader of the group and he wants to use the journalist as a hostage to get to the outskirts and kill him after that. Constant changes in the plan keep happening through the journey to the base camp. People quitting the group, post-phoning the journalist’s death, personal issues of the leader and his girl etc.

What was moderately bearable?
As shallow and evidently un-researched the film might seem, the first half at least had a little pace to its unappealing stupidity. I say that because we are part of a film watching culture where certain sorts of stupidity are enjoyable, most of our main stream cinema. You know, the visuals now and then, punch lines, well shot songs and humour that has nothing to do with the rest of the film.

Why is it better to stay away from such genres?
The best subjects to deal with for any artist would be the ones he knows of or something on which he/she is willing to spend some time for the research.

And our award winning screenwriter here had taken an issue he is obviously unaware of, not aware enough to write a screenplay based on it. Even the occasional newspaper reader would sense something brainless going on screen when there are groups of naxals shooting at each other for reasons that are very un-naxal like, just like the rest of the things they do through the film.

Irrespective of the bad script and the poor visual sense, Ajay gives us a performance to take note of. And the best part is that the character in itself is unauthentic and to bow down to bad writing and shine from within is something only a real actor can pull off and he is real.

Another face and performer to look forward to is Rupali. She plays Gogi’s girlfriend and the nurse for the group.

I might as well watch the film of a director who openly declares that he sold his soul and is here for the money than the film of someone who tries to fake the presence of an inexistent one.

Either that or he’s trying too hard in the wrong direction. Hardly worth a watch.

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