Virat Kohli’s flop form damaged his marriage!

Virat Kohli’s bad form turned out to be a big headache to Anushka Sharma. Several people felt that this lady is the main reason for the diversion of Virat’s concentration. This raised the topic, “Why did BCCI sent Anushka to overseas tour along with Virat?”


From the past few days, this is the main hot topic in the nation. BCCI came up with sensational statement that Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma are going to get married and hence they issued permission. They mentioned that Virat told this aspect to the BCCI officials. Interestingly, Anushka’s spokesperson stated that she is not going to marry Virat!

This turned out to be another sensation. “Did Virat Kohli’s flop form damage the marriage plan or they didn’t go that far in relation?” turned out to be the question. Looks like the negative publicity killed the relation between the 2 celebrities. Tough time for both Virat and Anushka.

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