Vinayan to remake Akashaganga in Tamil!

The ever controversial director Vinayan is known for his ambitious projects in cinema as well as his ‘no holds barred’ attacks against the establishment and those he considers his ‘foes’ in the industry. Now he is planning to move his unique brand of film making to Kollywood, by remaking his hit Malayalam horror movie Akashaganga (1999) in Tamil!


Yes, the outlaw film maker who always pursues his dreams in cinema hasn’t found much commercial success lately and he hopes to recreate the sensation of the original Akashaganga in Tamil.

Lakshmi Menon, the up and coming young starlet, will play the role essayed by the late actress Mayoori in the original.

For those who watched the original, this of course will bring up many questions like who then will be playing the role played by Divya Unni? That character, for all intents and purposes, could also be called the lead female part and takes up much of the screen time. Of course, that is if Vinayan plans to follow the original to a tee and does not tweak the story in the remake.

It is worth mentioning that it was Vinayan who introduced Lakshmi Menon to the film world in his movie Raghuvinte Swantham Rasiya, which unfortunately did not do so well at the box office. But the young actress did gain her foothold in the industry and has since gone on to become a star in Kollywood, in her own right.

In any case, Vinayan’s busy with his other Malayalam project now, titled Little Superman 3d, and hasn’t made the details regarding the remake of the horror flick, clear to the media yet.

Will the film maker who, quite evidently, only plays by his own rules do justice to the original which the fans adored?

Whatever the methods, will he finally have a hit on his hands after years of consecutive fiscal failures?

As always, we just wait for the film to start rolling…

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