Vinayan openly challenges B Unnikrishnan!

Director Vinayan is your quintessential outlaw and rebel in the Malayalam cine world and is always ready to take on his foes, as he refers to them, head on at a moment’s notice. Recently, he had been in the spotlight for his verbal attacks against actor Innocent during his political campaign for this year’s Lok Sabha elections and even more recently, the director had lashed out against actor Sudheer for his alleged ‘backstabbing’ and ‘ungrateful’ comments against him. Now, it looks like its director and old adversary B Unnikrishnan’s turn!


B Unnikrishnan, as of now, has been banned for life by the Film Exhibitors Federation lead by its president Liberty Basheer as the culminating event in a public feud that has raged between them for the past few days – mostly on principle and a little bit personal too. The prop wielded by both, was of course, the release of Unnikrishnan’s movie Mr Fraud.

Now, Vinayan has openly challenged B Unnikrishnan in what can be construed as a mocking jab at his capabilities as a film maker and strength of character.
“Make at least half a film now and show the people if you can…” said Vinayan to Unnirkishnan indirectly via the media.

According to Vinayan, B Unnikrishnan so far has had everything at his disposal when it comes to his standing in the industry – support of the film fraternity and its various organizations, resources and his own position as the General Secretary of FEFKA. And being the head of such a powerful organization, Vinayan says, it would be unbecoming of the banned film maker, to cower down under the pressure now.

“I myself have been the subject of many such bans and impositions but successfully made at least 5 movies in the last six years.” Vinayan mockingly argued as an added insult, reminding everyone of the open feuds between the two when it was Unnikrishnan in a position of advantage.

So… it looks the challenge has been issued. We’ll have to wait and see if it will be taken up or even get a response from the person in question, his organizations or even his well wishers.

Mollywood has become the stage for much real life drama these days that seems to unfold like soap operas with pride, betrayal and grudges being dealt with openly for all to see.

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