Vinayan lashes out against Dracula star!

Director Vinayan has given a statement in court against the star of his previous movie Dracula 3d, Sudheer, for maligning his reputation.


Sudheer had made accusations to the media that Vinayan was a “cheat” and that he had “suffered a lot” due to the movie Dracula but had only been paid a measly remuneration for his efforts.

Vinayan, who has no shortage of enemies in the industry because of his constant allegations and outspoken remarks, found the actor’s claims as nothing short of backstabbing after standing by him for the movie.

“He has proven himself to be ungrateful and now has chosen to side with my foes. No one would cast a fourth rate actor like him in the lead in any movie and this is how he repays my generosity, “says an indignant and outraged Vinayan.

The outlaw director who has had a lengthy list of failures in his track record in the years past somehow manages to grab the spotlight for his off screen personality again. He posted on his Facebook page his decision to take stand against the actor for his comments and made known his decision to invoke the justice system this time around.

Vinayan is currently busy with his next project Little Superman.

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