Village Lo Vinayakudu Movie Review

Rating: 3.00/5

Critic Rating: (3.00/5)

What it’s all about?


Village Lo Vinayakudu is a sequel to the hit film Vinyakudu. Krishnudu once again plays hero in the sequel and the theme of a fat by falling in love with a slim girl is repeated in this sequel.


The plot:


Karthik (Krishnudu) is a simpleton. He is a school teacher. Karthik meets a medico Kavya (Sharanya Mohan) and they fall in love. Kavya is the doting daughter of colonel Lakshmipathi. The colonel loves his daughter immensely and brings her up in a very loving and caring way. He takes special care of his daughter as she has lost her mother when she was very young.


Kavya does not hide anything from her father. She tells him everything bout her love and her love. The only problem is that she keeps the fact that Krishndu is fat a secret. When Karthik comes to meet the colonel he is naturally shocked. He is not at all pleased with the idea of his daughter marrying a fatso.


The colonel then approaches his friend Yandamuri Verendranath and asks him to show a way out. Yandamuri offers some ideas but they actually complicate things further for the colonel.


How Krishndu overcomes the hurdles set by the colonel and his friend and come up trumps is the story.


The actors:


The film as the title suggests runs for most part on the hero. Krishndu who played the fat hero in Vinayakudu repeats his show in this sequel. He does a neat job and lives up to the reputation he earned in Vinayakudu.


The heroine Sharanya Mohan is a disappointment. She looks too young opposite Krishndu and the two also fail to share good chemistry. Rao Ramesh is good and his comic interactions with Krishnudu are hilarious.


Yandamuri Veerendranath does an average job. His role is also a bit sketchy. The rest of the star cast is okay.


The bottom line:


The film Village Lo Vinayakudu has been shot for a most part in rural areas. The village scenes looks beautiful and the locales in Razole and adjoining areas have been captured beautifully by the cinematographer.


The film also has some good songs and music. The film has some decent comedy. However Village Lo Vinayakudu is not in the same class as Vinayakudu. Still the film is okay and makes for a decent watch along with the entire family.

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