Vikramadithyan Shoot Still in Progress

Vikramadithyan, directed by Lal Jose and being produced under the banner of LJ Films, is still in its filming stages. This flick stars Dulquar Salman and Unni Mukundan in the lead roles and Namitha Pramod as the lead female character.


The story goes that Vikram (Unni) and Adithyan (Dulquar) are two guys born at the same time and brought up together to become polar opposites of each other. You have the all around nice guy Vikram and the trouble maker Aadithyan. The lives of these two rather smart guys go awry when Namitha’s character, Deepika, enters the scene and the events unfold from there. Anoop Menon plays Vasudeva Shenoy, a Konkani speaking cop. Apparently Namitha’s character too is a Konkani speaker – no doubt not just a chance occurrence in the plot.

Lena, Saadique, Siddharth Siva and others form the supporting cast. Joemon T. John, husband of state award winner Ann Augustine and cinematographer, is the one wielding the camera for the film.

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