Vikramadithyan to have 6 songs!

Veteran director Lal Jose is currently on his world wide road trip with his friends, but his movie Vikramadithyan which is in production, is still being talked about. Apparently the film is to have 6 beautiful songs in it composed by none other than Bijibal!


Many of Lal Jose’s movie are remembered for its musical content as well, and this one seems to follow suit. Bijibal had previously worked with Jose in his Srinivasan starrer Arabikatha, and the tunes in that went on to become hugely popular.

Bijibal has also won the State Award in 2013 for his songs in the movie Balyakalasakhi.

Vikramadithyan has some amount of hype surrounding it and for good reason – the movie has two male leads in Dulquer Salman and Unni Mukundan along with Namitha Pramod as the heroine.

The story is about two guys who grow up together, almost like siblings, but are completely different – one a teetotaller and the other a trouble maker, named Vikram and Adithyan respectively. Unni plays Vikram and Dulquer plays the bad boy Adithyan.

Then enters a girl in to their lives and then events ensue which turn their lives upside down. The Konkani speaking girl is played by Namitha. We also know Adithyan goes to Sabarimala at some point in all of this.

The cast also includes Anoop Menon and Lena in police roles. Interestingly, Anoop’s character Vasudeva Shenoy is also Konkani.

These are the details of the plot the media has gotten their hands on so far.

Now with Bijibal’s amazing half a dozen songs in the mix, this flick is starting to look mighty appealing.

We wait eagerly for the big day.

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