Vikram shocked audience with this photo!

Vikram Shocking Look

Kollywood’s top hero Vikram shocked the audience with a new photo. This pic is now doing rounds in the internet enthralling audience. Vikram was seen in a completed low weight avatar and his appearance was creating suspense among audience. He was looking as if he has no more energy.

It is a fact that Vikram was seen in different avatars in the flick “I”. As a part of one of the avatar, Vikram was seen in a slim pose. No one was able to recognize that it is Vikram until and unless some one says it. Debate is on progress in social media that whether this pic really belongs to Vikram or is it a morphed one.

Only when the film releases, one can get confidence that this pic really belongs to the top hero. On the other hand, Vikram struggled for almost 2+ years for “I” by changing his weights for every 6 months. The success of this venture may take Vikram to new heights.

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