Vikram annoys director Dharani

Yep, that’s what the sources say. It seems the Anniyan star has possibly irked director Dharani, but no worries, the director seems to have taken it in stride and moved on.. or so we hope.


Here’s what happened – Dharani was pretty much counting on Vikram being available and joining him straight away at the sets for his upcoming film. He had obviously read him the proposed story and Chiyaan must have been impressed with it for the director to feel so confident.

However, though the director was counting the days for Vikram’s current project with Shanker (Ai) to come to a finish, it seems the star went straight on to the sets of Vijay Milton’s Pathu Endrathukumeleyey after wards.

And, we have a tense situation on our hands now. But Dharani took the high road here.

Instead of going for a full on ‘drama’ and a confrontation which the media would have loved, the film maker thought about his options and moved on to another star to work with – Vishal!

According to reports, the Ghilli director has already read the story to the young and fiery hero and we may soon have a formal announcement – if it’s in the stars that is.

Vishal, of course, is on a ‘producing spree’ with his company Vishal Film Factory and is always on the lookout for interesting stories with some mass entertainment potential. Recent rumours also indicate that he is considering multiple projects to produce at the moment.

He is producing his current flick Poojai, directed by Hari, in which he stars opposite the gorgeous Shruthi Haasan.

And the issue with Vikram and Dharani? Well, you know they say there are no long lasting grudges in politics and show business..

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