Vijayashanti calls Chiru comedian

The Telangana Rashtra Samiti MP, Ms Vijayashanti, described the Praja Rajyam Party as “Public Rejected Party”.

“We do not recognise him as a leader. Chiranjeevi is behaving like a comedian. He duped the people of Telangana and will dupe the people of Andhra region too,” she said.

Reacting to Mr Chiranjeevi’s verbal assault against the TRS chief, Mr K. Chandrasekhar Rao, she said Mr Chiranjeevi has lost his support base and people do not have faith in him anymore.

“On the face he pretends to do Gandhigiri, but he promotes goondagiri. He has let loose his women party leaders to attack opponents,” she alleged.

Referring to Mr Chiranjeevi’s call for Samajika Telangana, she asked the PR chief why he does not talk about Samajika Andhra and Samajika Rayalaseema. “He should remember that he lost to a woman in the Assembly elections whereas I won from Medak Parliamentary constituency. He is no match for me,” she said.

Meanwhile, mega arrangements are being made for the 10th anniversary celebrations of the TRS on Wednesday. Though the anniversary is on Tuesday, the party leadership postponed the celebrations to Wednesday in view of the Bharat Hartal.

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