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Vijayadasami is no doubt a very appealing title. The audience would definitely think that they are going to have a superb family drama. But here, Samudra gives an out and out action flick smeared in mother-sister sentiment for the hero, with a dash of romance too. The entire first half is wasted to establish the hero. The second half has some pickup but to a regular climax. To cut the ice, it is scene to scene lift of Tamil blockbuster Sivakasi, which starred Vijay and Asin.  

Sivakasi (Nandamuri Kalyanram) is all alone in Hyderabad. He runs a welding shop and gets the appreciation of the public around him by fighting with goons regularly for the sake of society.

Devi (Vedika), the daughter of a rich businessman falls in love with him and its two way traffic later. At a crucial stage, the hero reveals his backdrop. “I am not an orphan,” is his outcry. To prove to his ladylove that he is a man wealth and name, he reaches his birthplace in Karimnagar. His elder brother Durgaprasad (Saikumar), the local MLA, is the culprit who sends away the hero during childhood, rules the roost. His mother lives a miserable life in a cowshed. The wicked brother is also responsible for the death of his father. Now, the hero takes on the responsibility of regaining the last glory to his mom and sister, besides punishing the villain.

Kalyanram has done well, but there is a feel among the audience that he has cast a nervous look all the time, displaying half-baked stuff in the histrionics

Vedika is energetic, beautiful and glamorous. Jayasudha and Suman played the couple, while the latter played an agonized father without justice. Mounika (heroine of TV serial Radha-Madhu) played the sister to the hero with ease and naturally. Saikumar’s role is a highlight, but the audience will not get the right deal to their expectations. Rajan P. Dev, Lakshmipathi performed well in their limitations. Simran appeared as an item number, but not with sufficient oomph. 

Technical Details
The story utterly lacks freshness. Director Samudra just relied on the Tamil original and turned a copycat director. At the same time, he made a mistake by tampering with the first half stuffing it with romance and unnecessary scenes of action. The romance factor is not established properly. Though you have powerful interval bang, it is totally neglected and forgotten thereafter. The climax is different from the hero’s promise.

Screenplay is mediocre. Dialogues by Paruchuri Brothers are artistic. Some scenes reflecting the election mood are dramatic. Music is a big minus point. It played havoc with the audience ears resounding to high pitch while the characters are busy talking. The mix of background score and dialogue delivery resulted in big noise in the theatre. Cinematography is not impressive, but for some foreign locations. Stunts are a good watch. But too much of action might keep the family audience at bay. Comedy is not given its place here. Though you have Brahmanandam, he played a cinematic role without much relevance to the real life. .

The lone strength of the movie lies in his partial mass treatment. It can have solace in B and C centers.

– Rishi

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