vijaya shanthi’s monthly salary Rs 10 lakh!

Though Vijayashanti has claimed that she had merged her Talli Telangana Party with Telangana Rashtra Samithi only to strengthen the Telangana movement and achieve the goal of Telangana, there is a hush talk within the party that she had joined TRS as a retainer.

According to rumours, Vijayashanti had demanded Rs 20 lakh a month as her fee to be associated with the TRS and the bargaining went on for a few weeks. Ultimately, the deal was settled at Rs 10 lakh a month. KCR needs Vijayashanti’s glamour during the TRS campaign and in turn, she needs money. And everybody knows KCR will not pay it from his pocket, but will extract it from his fund-raisers.

There was a talk that Vijayashanti was originally a retainer with K V P Ramachandra Rao, advisor and friend of Chief Minister Dr Y S Rajasekhara Reddy and she used to get Rs 20 lakh a month for diluting the KCR effect. However, after the miserable performance of TRS in the last Assembly byelections, KVP stopped paying her. She tried to get into Devender Goud’s camp, expecting a similar retainership.

After failing in all her attempts, she returned to KCR, who agreed to retain her for promoting his party. But it is doubtful how long KCR would pay her the money. May be till the elections!

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