Vijay Trolled on Social Media for Mao Remark

Tamil star hero Vijay committed a grave mistake during the audio launch of his new film Theri by referring to Chinese greatest Communist leader Mao Zedong as a former Russian president.

Vijay on Mao
Vijay on Mao

His statement didn’t go down well with the audience who could only look with the grimace from their seats. Vijay could have averted this huge mistake if he was a little knowledgeable. His referral to Mao came when he narrated a short story to audiences by which he wanted to give a message to all his fans to remain calm and composed.

Even though Vijay’s intention was good, his grave blunder became the highlight. Although Vijay has later issued a public apology, netizens are trolling him on social media. Some are comparing him with Rahul Gandhi while many are advising him to get some knowledge as he is a role model for youth.

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