Vijay Sethupathi annoyed by Edakku movie team!

Vijay Sethupathi is more than annoyed by the latest developments in his professional life. Don’t let this give you the impression that we’re talking about one of his current movies or the people behind them – no. In fact, that’s exactly the point!


Here’s what has happened..

Akhaada was a Kannada movie in which the actor played a minor role almost three years ago. The lead actors of the flick were Vasanth and Nayana Krishna. This was before Vijay Sethupathi became the star he is today and managed to create a bankable profile with the audiences and producers.

Now, the original Kannada movie is being dubbed into Tamil under the title Edakku, and the team behind it came out with the first look posters of the movie recently. It was when Vijay saw these that he realised what they were doing.

Edakku is being publicised with him as the front man! Infact, he is being given more prominence than the hero and heroine of the film!

Vijay feels this is a disservice to his fans who might get the impression that he did the lead part in the original and may be disappointed when they see it. He did not even dub for the Tamil version to top it all off!

Vijay finds the whole thing as just a cheap and unscrupulous attempt to cash in on his popularity, and will be seen as a bad mark on his public image by the people.
So no one can blame the actor for being a little miffed, yeah?

The original Akhaada was directed by Shivan and produced by Bhuvaneshwari Art Combines.

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