Vijay is not a moody guy – Samantha

The Ilaya Thalapathy has a fan following that rivals any star’s in India, and his peers and senior in the industry too have nothing but respect for his character and humility as an actor and as a person. But there is one thing that had been said about him throughout his very successful career – that in real life, he is a very reserved and serious guy. Almost moody, some speculated.


This always bothered the fans to say the least because Vijay is known for essaying some really lively and energetic characters on screen. From comedy to romance to action, he does it all.

The fact that even in interview shows he appeared in, he maintained a dignified shyness and silence all but confirmed this rumour about him, as far as the people were concerned.

So it was with some doubts and certainly a bit of intimidation in the mix that starlet Samantha prepared to meet him on the Kaththi sets. But to her surprise things turned out to be completely opposite!

Vijay broke the ice and hung out with the cast and crew after shooting his very first portion itself, the actress recounted. She also added that it was refreshing to see someone of Vijay’s star status be so ‘cool’ with everyone, not put on any airs and talk and tease everyone in the unit.

“Never once did I see him enter his trailer alone after a shot and just be by himself.” Samantha says.

In fact, recently, the very same affirmation has been given by many who worked with Vijay, including Sathish and Bollywood star Neil Nithin Mukesh – who was stunned to see someone so humble instead of the ‘superstar’ he was expecting.

So there you have it folks! Ilaya Thalapathy is a pretty cool guy in real life too…

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