Vijay Devarakonda says sorry to traffic police

Rowdy Star Vijay Devarakonda had to apologize to traffic police the other day, on behalf of his fans. If we get into the story, a bike rider was caught and fined by Hyderabad traffic police the other day, for not having the registration number on the number plate, instead it as the word ‘Rowdy’ etched on it.

Vijay Devarakonda Traffic Police
Vijay Devarakonda Traffic Police

The cops have shared the pic on social media as well. Taking the blame on himself, Vijay commented, “I apologize on behalf of the boys, will immediately reach out to all and make them aware.” Soon after that, the Geeta Govindam actor shared a long post on his social media feed, asking fans to stop showering love through such acts.

He tweeted, “When I see you sport Rowdy, I immediately feel we are family. And like I would tell any from my family, do not get into trouble. Show your love to anyone on any other part of the bike, but keep the number plate only for numbers.” Vijay should be commended for taking the blame on himself and hope his fans also follow his advice and stop doing such acts.

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