Vijay to be crowned next Superstar!!

Well it was looking for a while like the controversy had taken its last breath and was about to dissolve into obscurity, at least for the while, but a leading Tamil publication has opened up that can of worms again and now we have the fans and the industry folks divided – some jubilant, some furious and others taking care not to take sides.


Yes, we’re talking about that question that’s got everyone talking – “Who’s the next Superstar?”

The intent behind the question, to crown for whatever reason, the star who will succeed the Superstar Rajinikanth as the sort of unofficial ‘heir to the throne’.

The magazine that thought it fit to bring this up again is Kumudam, and they, after conducting an online poll on the matter with the fans voting for their favourite star, concluded that Vijay was the clear winner and are planning to declare him, quite officially, as the next Superstar.

Now let’s look at the list of angered parties here..

First in line we have the Thala Ajith fans who believe their idol is the man for the title and that the poll was biased. Hence they have stated more or less that they give little or no credence to it, however grand they make it seem.

Next follow the Rajinikanth fans themselves, who believe that there is not now or ever going to be someone who can replace the Enthiran himself. They too, therefore, seem quite upset over the whole thing.

Then we have the rest of the folks within the industry and the fan communities who believe that diplomacy is the key tactic here and that they should refrain from taking sides in this matter – whether it be with the Thala fans or the Ilaya Thalapathy fans.

Of course, there are the fans of other actors making their voices heard as well, across the social media and such, claiming their heroes to be the rightful and deserving candidates for the coveted title.

In any case, Vijay wrote a letter to the magazine thanking them for their generosity. However, the magazine isn’t simply going to let this one go without some fireworks and maybe a few brawls, as they are conducting a grand ceremony in Madurai, where Vijay has an immense fan base, to officially and ceremoniously hand over the title to the actor!

In fact, they want to make this the talk of the town as they have invited celebs from multiple industries including Kollywood, Tollywood, Bollywood and Mollywood to come honour Vijay on this special occasion.

This feels like it’s a powder keg waiting to explode all over the entertainment media for some days to come, and maybe that is what the magazine officials have in mind… a good bit of spotlight never hurts the coin purse.

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