Vijay To Convert For Amala

Conversion to another faith, especially for your love, seems to be a running theme in Kollywood these days and not unheard of generally in the industry and outside it. Now, the rumour mills are working in full swing with the news that director Vijay, who is to marry actress Amala Paul, may convert to Christianity to quell some concerns from her family’s side.

amala paul - vijay 2

Vijay, who is a Hindu, is to be engaged to Amala on June 7 in Kochi and is to wed her on June 12 in Chennai, according to sources. The couple fell in love during the making of the movie Deiva Thirumagal and also worked together in Thalaivaa. They did, however, deny their relationship to the media for some time before revealing it to their families and the fans quite recently.

Though Vijay’s family seems to be okay with the inter faith relationship and marriage, there are reports that the actress’s family have their concerns and hence Vijay’s possible decision to convert.

Conversion trend among the big names seems to be on the rise in Kollywood with composer Yuvan Sankar Raja’s conversion to Islam and the alleged decision of the young Raja Rani actor Jai regarding the same, though it still remains unconfirmed. According to sources, Jai’s change of heart about his faith may, in fact, actually involve a matter of the heart – a mysterious young lady whose identity the tabloids are desperately trying to get at.
In recent years, other stars like Nayanthara too made the decision to convert to another faith for love; though in her case the relationship with her beau Prabhu Deva ended shortly after.
One supposes that belief in the almighty in whatever form remains the same and so does your devotion, especially if you chose to change your faith for love, because after all they do say “God is Love”.

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