Vidya’s new attempt at sexy

Vidya Balan is a becoming a classic example of someone who loves to minimise their strength at the cost of maximising their weakness.

We all loved her ethereal beauty in "Parineeta" and the girl-next-door charm in Lage Raho Munnabhai.

So why is so keen on being sexy, flirty and everything else that she just cannot at the cost of discarding all that worked for her?

She tried reinventing herself in "Heyy Baby" and "Kismat Konnection", and neither of the efforts worked. In fact, both came under heavy criticism.

But not one to relent so easily, Vidya is back.

We are now seeing her on the cover of the India edition of FHM or For Him Magazine, a leading men’s magazine, which has featured hotties like Katrina and Bipasha on its cover in recent months.

"In bed with Vidya Balan" cries the cover headline, accompanied by a photo of the actress hanging on to a satin bed sheet.

The interview has her talking about men and how she loves to flirt with those she wants to give attention to; being served a sugary and sweet breakfast in bed by a man; and, of course, Shahid Kapur.

"He’s my co-star and we get along really well. So all the women reading this can be happy and can continue having their crush on him," she says about Shahid, who anyway has reportedly moved on in life.

Well, on the cover she looks as stiff, self conscious and lacking self belief in what she’s doing, as she did in "Kismat Konnection". And the interview? A rather desparate attempt to come across as "with it".

Give us vintage Vidya Balan, any day.

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