Vidya Balan Revealed A Shocking Fact

Vidya Balan is one of the talented actors we have on Indian screen. She is always a darling who greets everyone with a smile. Recently, she participated in a TV interview where she revealed a strange incident of molestation that she witnessed during her college days.

Vidya Balan
Vidya Balan

“While I am studying at Javier’s college in Mumbai, when I am travelling on a local train one day, a stranger followed us and sat in front of us. We asked him to get down the train as it is a Ladies compartment. He said that he would get down at the next station but did not keep his word when the train came to a stop at the next station. After a while, he came back and sat in front of us. When we are not able to understand why he did not go, all of a sudden, he started to masturbate in front of us. I could not resist that and started attacking him with a file on my hand. Later, I dragged him down, and we all attacked him. With much fear, he immediately ran from us and got down at the next station.” she explained the situation that she faced.

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