Viday Balan lent her Navel to Rakul Preet??

Advance in technology has made film making process very easy. Editing and dubbing techniques have become useful to show actors more beautiful than what they look off screen. In a surprising revelation, we hear that the waist of Vidya Balan has been used in place of Rakul Preet’s in one of her Telugu movie.

Vidya Balan Navel Used for Rakul Preet
Vidya Balan Navel Used for Rakul Preet

Going into the details, in ‘Current Theega’ movie, starring Manchu Manoj and Rakul Preet, there is this particular scene in which Manoj has to tie a chain to the waist of Rakul Preet. In that scene, her waist has to be zoomed and it was supposed to look very hot but director Nageswara Reddy felt that Rakul’s waist does not look sexy so they have used Vidya Balan hot navel and waist during post production stage.

Surprising isn’t it?

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