Veteran Director Upset with Youtube Channels

Tammareddy Bharadwaj, the veteran director, and producer in the Telugu film industry is upset with some of the Youtube channels. The director owns a channel on Youtube where he usually shares his opinions on a lot of aspects. Recently, he came up with an appeal to everyone, especially the Youtube channel members that he has no disputes with Mega Star Chiranjeevi.


Apparently, Thamareddy found a few videos where it was mentioned that he is having disputes with Megastar. To put an end to this, he came up with an explanation.

“I have come across a video where they mentioned that I commented Chiranjeevi inappropriately. I never did that and I do not have any difference of opinions. I am no one to do that. Please do not write bad about us for your videos to go viral. I am a common man. Let me live like this.” he said in his appeal.

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