Veteran Bollywood actor Vinod Khanna passes away

Veteran Bollywood actor Vinod Khanna passed away at the age of 70. He passed away in Mumbai. Vinod Khanna had been admitted at Sir H.N. Reliance Foundation Hospital and Research Centre in Charni Road.

Vinod Khanna Died
Vinod Khanna Died

He had been hospitalized for a brief period, and generally had not been keeping well for a long time. Rumors of him being diagnosed with bladder cancer had been floating around after an image of a debilitated Khanna went viral. However, it had later been clarified that it had been a severe case of dehydration.

Born on October 6, 1946, he was seen in 141 films, as one of the most prominent and celebrated stars of Bollywood. In 1982, at the peak of his career, the actor briefly quit the industry to follow spiritual Guru Osho Rajneesh.

Khanna joined politics in the year 1997, also becoming the Union Minister of External Affairs during the Atal Bihari Vajpayee government. His sons Akshay Khanna and Rahul Khanna have also had prominent Bollywood careers, while his youngest son, Sakshi Khanna is on the brink of his Bollywood debut.

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