Veteran actress reveals sensational personal things about Uday Kiran

Senior Actress Sudha was very close to Uday Kiran who committed suicide unable to cope up with the depression and low phase in his career. He used to address her, “Mother!” His death had shaken her immensely and recently she reminisced one of his tragic moments.

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After Chiranjeevi’s family called off the engagement of Uday Kiran with his elder daughter, we know how the young hero’s career took a downslide suddenly. This created a sensation of sorts and even today it remains a mystery about the reason behind the cancellation of the wedding.

After the engagement was called off, Uday Kiran cried uncontrollably sitting beside Sudha and senior actor Chalapathi Rao. He went through immense struggle after that. His death left many questions in the mind of Sudha.

If one asks oneself, “Why?” before thinking of suicide, the person would understand that suicide isn’t the solution. She is right.

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