Veteran actress Anjali Devi no more

Anjali Devi no more

The veteran actress who ruled Tollywood in the Golden Era, Anjali Devi, passed away at a private hospital in Chennai yesterday. She was 86.

Anjali Devi is survived by two sons. The acting legend was well known for her roles as Sita in Lava Kusha, Suvarna Sundari and Anarkali. In an era where women taking over the silver screen was considered a touche, Anjali Devi pulled off some significant and charismatic roles with her brilliant portrayal and execution as an actress. She played that obedient and timid housewife seeking family harmony in multiple films later, and her persona was well applauded for the same. Anjali Devi had a strong influence on the women of Telugu household, setting her own style.

Anjali Devi as Anarkali

After her success kept shining with film industry, Anjali Devi tied the knot with music director, P Adinarayana Rao, who was also a producer. She also later produced many films under the banner, Anjali pictures. Anjali Devi is touted to be one of those very few actresses who played a wide variety of roles, shedding the routine image syndrome that usually haunts the leading women.

Anjali devi as housewife

A winner of Filmfare award for best actress multiple times, Anjali Devi was also awarded Raghupati Venkaiah Award and was conferred Ramineni Award. She will be remembered to eternity as a diva, mother, wife, sister and an ideal telugu woman imagery on screen.

Rest in peace!

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