Versatile actor distributes vegetables to film workers

​Versatile and award winning actor Prakash Raj is not only known for his superb performances on screen but also for his love for organic farming. Prakash Raj owns a piece of land near Mysore where he was regularly practicing organic farming and he recently adopted a Telangana village named Kondareddi Palli and is encouraging organic farming there as well.

Prakash Raj Distributing Vegetables
Prakash Raj Distributing Vegetables

But now, he has thought of something special. Prakash Raj wants to give these vegetables cultivated in his farms to technicians and workers belonging to the film industry. He is also opening a mobile store in Chitrapuri colony to give away these vegetables and this store was inaugurated by him yesterday.

However, this is indeed a commendable gesture from Prakash Raj. Well, we wish more power to him and his Prakash Raj foundation.​

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