Venue changed for Ram Charan’s engagement?

Most of them know that Mega Power star Ram Charan and Kamineni Upasana are getting engaged on December 1st, 2011.As per the earlier reports the engagement ceremony will takes place at Domakonda fort in Nizambad. Now the latest buzz is that the venue has been changed and it is not going to be held at Domakonda fort. It is going to be held in somewhere else, but the venue is not yet confirmed. Presently both the families are looking for a right place for the ceremony.

As per the reports presently renovation works for Domakonda fort is under progress and it is expected to be in shape by the time of engagement. But now, due to some reasons the work got delayed and it might not ready by December 1st. So now they are looking for a new place. Another buzz is that the engagement ceremony is going to be held Prathap C Reddy’s farmhouse near Chilukur. Watch out this space for latest updates on Venue.

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