Venu Madhav blames Sivanageswar Rao

Venu Madhav blames Sivanageswar Rao



The buzz in Film Nagar is that Venu Madhav is getting too big for his boots. The reasons are many. He is currently the busiest comedian in the industry working in over 40 to 50 films a year. There is a complaint that he is troubling small producers when it comes to the dubbing work. With Bhukailas getting him more popularity, Venu Madhav is supposed to be acting ‘big’ in the industry.


Director Sivanageswar Rao reveals that actually Sunil was supposed to be doing this film as he had already craved a niche for himself through Andala Ramudu and it would have helped the producer commercially too. Since the story demands a telangana dialect, they had to settle for Venu instead of Sunil, who is known for his Godavari touch. That was the opinion of the writers also.


Since Venu was being promoted as a solo hero, the producer-director duo thought ten lakhs would be the right sum to give Venu, but the comedian had demanded a whopping twenty lakhs. Finally they had to settle for 15, but the woes didn’t end there. He started interfering in the script and on most occasions he got his writers to re-write it.   That  resulted in a glaring difference between what one visualised and what one actually saw on screen. The second half was totally different.


People who saw the film were enthused about the title and attributed the openings to Mumaith Khan, Gowri Munjal (it was later revealed that she was meant for a guest role) Suhasini and totally four heroines. But Venu credited the first half’s success to his work and when the collections started slowing down in the second week, he pushed the blame on the director. He even went around spreading the word, but for the inept direction the film would have been a sure fire hit.


Sivanageswar Rao had many popular films but Venu Madhav’s attitude towards him and  spreading   the bad word through the media that the director was responsible for the debacle, is making many a producer/director re-think on the issue. They are seemingly worried that  Venu might do the same to them in the near future; if the film flops, the director would have to take the brickbats.

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