Vennela 1½ Review

Rating: 2.50/5

Critic Rating: (2.50/5)

It is

Telugu toilet humor, the NRI import.


Khader (Vennela Kishore) is working at his dad’s meat store in old city. What happened between his time in the US and the meat store present is narrated to taagubothu Ramesh.

The opening titles go along with clips from Vennela and how Khader ended up with a bullet in his butt. The other two guys settled down with their girls and its only Khader and Sunil (Madhu Reddiboyina) left to care for each other. The duo is forced to leave US for at least six months for the violence caused and end up in Thailand because its the cheapest option (one of the series of inside jokes regarding the film’s low budget).

Two new roomies in Thailand – Krishna Krishna (played by Krishna Chaitanya), a muscular hunk who can dance but not act, a typical of the budget that’s joked about and the other played by Harish is a short filmmaker who goes around shooting everything. Krishna Krishna is a jodi breaker by profession, but, he falls for the girl he has to plan the break up for (Vennela played by Monal Gajjar). Sub plots are the rest of the cast trying to get laid (Papachack played by Brahmanandam and Mister/Master Bharat).

What’s good?

Though not very polished, it still is very passable because of the variety it offers in the tone of the humor. Shot hand held mostly, the film’s improv attitude is what holds you back despite many dull drags (even the improvs should have been a under directed for better effect).

The drags

You are constantly between "(laughing) This film might be fun" and "Ah! booooooooring". This is when the film moves from the Khader and the roomies part of it to that of the stone faced protagonist. Also lacking in quality is the film’s score and the many songs popping up quite often, I was booing internally unlike the other audience.


It is of passable quality in a genre that’s yet to be popular here. Shouldn’t mind watching it once.

Reviewed by Rohit
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