Venkatesh’s Double Dhamaka For Dusshera

It’s been over ten months since Victory Venkatesh appeared on the screen. This actor who keeps himself always busy with some or the other shooting was silent since quite a long time. Reports recently stated that few family issues were the reasons behind Venky’s dry over films.

Venkatesh agrees to do two films
Venkatesh agrees to do two films

Now, sources close to us said that Venkatesh has agreed not one but two films, and will shoot these simultaneously. Earlier directors like Chandrashekar Yeleti, Kranthi Madhav, Maruthi were rumoured of directing Venkatesh. Finally, he agreed to do a film with Chandu Mohan Lal.

Rumours had that director Kranthi Madhav, who approached Venkatesh with a story, narrated the same to Nagarjuna and finalised a film with him, but those remained as rumours only.

Recently Maruthi approached this Daggubati family hero and said his interest in directing him. Venky, heard the story of Maruthi, agreed immediately to act in the film.

Now, with signing these two films and acting in them simultaneously, Venkatesh is giving his fans a double dhamaka. These two films will get launched on Dusshera.

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