Venkatesh for Katrina Kaif – Mahesh Babu for Kriti Sanon!

Mahesh Babu and Kriti Sanon

Victory Venkatesh and Katrina Kaif’s combination, “Malleswari” turned out to be a big hit in Tollywood. This beauty mentioned in a recent interview, that she was literally on roads trying to bag a project in Bollywood, when she got “Malleswari” chance from Venkatesh.

The rest is all history and now Katrina is the top heroine in Bollywood. The producers, who closed doors on her face are now waiting in queue infront of her office. Now, the same is being seen in case of Kriti Sanon. This lady got her first offer from Mahesh for “One”.

Later on, she went into Bollywood and is now growing as a top heroine. She got an offer from Sharukh Khan and we can say that she grew to the peak in the industry now. In future, we can see her as close competitor to Katrina and Priyanka. Hence, for Katrina, it is Venkatesh who gave the right break through while for Kriti Sanon it is Mahesh!

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